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The teas that you have selected are sold in 4oz. packages (about one quarter of a pound). Many of our customers order 8oz. or 16oz. at a time. To order 16oz. (or one pound) of tea, simply adjust the quantity below to "4" to indicate four packages of 4oz. each.

The Tea Shop charges a flat rate shipping fee for your order. Please be sure to choose the appropriate shipping option below. For orders shipped within the United States, select, "US Only". Customers outside the United States should select "Outside US".

Our Teas & Our Pledge
When you purchase Tea Shop Teas, you receive only the finest quality teas. Our teas our imported directly and many of the teas you will find here are available only from The Tea Shop. Our blending is done in house, so you can trust the quality and care given to each blend. If you have any questions, please make use of our contact form.

Providing clients with only the top grades of tea is Our Pledge. If you are EVER unhappy with any purchase, you have the right to return it and the obligation. The Tea Shop has a worldwide reputation for quality teas, and we intend to maintain that reputation. Simply contact The Tea Shop and we will arrange to have it picked up via UPS.

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